Mi Casa, Tu Casa

At La Pietra you can feel at ease, relax, and integrate with nature, with your own nature.

La Pietra invites you to pause and begin again. Make your own retreat. Walk, write, paint. Return to your senses. Stay for a day, a night, a week, and hear history speak through the stones.

A home away from home

La Pietra originated as the main and only inn of Roccalbegna, a medieval hamlet in the Maremma highlands. A gateway to the mountains, to the sea, and to unspoilt nature, Roccalbegna is an evolving destination that is still authentic, a tiny community where the old way of life endures. Our locations also include a historic country home outside of Castel del Piano, one of the most important towns in the Amiata region.

La Pietra is an opportunity to enter into a living community, another dimension.


La Pietra is a connection to local producers, local products.